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11:04 pm, April 16, 2018

La Saga de l'eau

Je reprend Rift après quelques années d'arret, j'ai crée un nouveau voleur renega, je suis 65 et j'aimerai me refaire la Saga de l'eau...
D'après un guide, tout commence au Précipice Abyssal, je l'ai donc fait en solo normal, au debut l'homme sans visage me propose les 2 quetes du DJ, mais au mileu du dj, il n'y à pas les pnj à interrompre et à tuer...
il y a juste l'homme sans visage qui apparai pour valider les 2 quetes du debut...
ai-je zappé un truc ?

merci d'avance pour votre aide :)




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La Saga de l'eau

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11:04 pm, October 24, 2016 Hi Any ideas as to why am I unable to open a blue Crabnarok Lock Box with any on the keys I got from the auction house? I tried to use the Relic/ Rare/ Epic keys every time I get the same response &q [..] View

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1:04 pm, June 4, 2016 There are several questions about what is and is not intended with relations to several of the bosses in CoA. Today's question is whether or not Fionn easy mode is supposed to gain stacks of Ascended [..] View

Returning character

11:04 pm, June 3, 2016 I have a fresh level 65 character that I haven't done anything but level him through the regular quests. No story lines or quest lines to unlock anything. That being said is there some quest lines or [..] View

Cleric Guide - Chaplain Build

1:04 pm, May 21, 2016 Basic run down: This guide is for the build competition of May 13, 2016 Single Target DPS build using primarily the Runeshaper soul Bare numbers: Oracle 16, Runeshaper 51, Inquisitor 9 Details: [..] View

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11:04 pm, May 8, 2016 I read about it and also made the experience on my own: There are variants of "Lure: Hero's Unrest" which create a rift with stages so complex to be solved that the time runs out before you [..] View

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Where is Marksman Soul?

12:04 pm, March 21, 2016 I am level 65 and have been a Huntsman most of my Rift playing time. I would like to be a Marksman. However, I do not see that soul offered at all with I open the tree. I do not have the option to 're [..] View

Fast Leveling guide 10 - 65

10:04 pm, March 8, 2016 My personal leveling guide made simple. 10 - 46 From level 10 to level 46 it is best to stick to Intrepid Adventure (IA) see links for picture guidence (a picture speeks a thousand words). If you get [..] View

Gearing up to 1000 Hit

10:04 pm, March 8, 2016 Step 1 - Craftable Gear If you have platinum you can follow this step. Go to the auction house, click on the Armor tab as shown below and select the armor type of your characters class also as shown [..] View

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10:04 pm, March 8, 2016 Merisioux is a roleplaying addon that lets you enter a description, biography, and various roleplaying-related flags to your characters; other people running this addon may see your biography etc and [..] View

getting past 1000 hit

10:04 pm, March 7, 2016 Hi all, Im at 1000 hit, can raid now, have some actually decent crit power gear from pvp. I cant find any guides on whats the MOST EFFICIENT way to progress from here. Up to now, have spent my cu [..] View

Workorders and Quest Items

10:04 pm, February 21, 2016 Hey there, When you receive an item that offers a quest, or you find/make things for workorders, do you have to keep them in your main bags? Or can you keep them in the bank, and then when you comple [..] View

Help with quest "Tulan Awaits" ... bugged?

12:04 pm, February 10, 2016 Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I don't see anyplace specifically for quest help. So I arrived in Cape Jule and did 48/52 quests and was working on achievements when I noticed Tempest in a Te [..] View

Are some vendors better than others?

10:04 pm, February 3, 2016 Since you can sell things off to prettymuch any vendor - general goods vendors, recipes vendors, etc - is it better to choose one over the other? Do you get better prices for things if you go to a spe [..] View

crafting ingredients question

12:04 pm, January 20, 2016 When you go to the crafting station, will it only use what you have in the bags on your person? Or if you have, say, 50 logs in the bank, will it also see/let you use those? I'm trying to figure out i [..] View

[Video] Edood Puri Macro and UI gameplay tips for any class

10:04 pm, January 2, 2016 Here ya go guise hope this helps let me know what ya think. This stuff works for any class or spechttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY6HX1EB9dI View

Stocking Stuffers achievement

10:04 pm, December 12, 2015 It's an old Fae Yule achievement but someone still doesn't know how to do it. To complete this you need to collect 50 Fae Yule themed items. It looks like candles, gifts, candy canes, wreaths, mugs, e [..] View

Help in Iron Pine Peak

12:04 pm, December 4, 2015 I have done most of the quests in Iron Pine Peak but I have not done the one that unlocks the portal that helps you with the daily quest "Find Your Own Truth". Does anyone know how to unlock [..] View

[Quête]La saga des éternels : Les côtes de Libremarche

10:04 pm, December 3, 2015 Bonjour à tous, je suis lvl 65 et j'ai eu envie de me replonger dans cette saga déjà effectuée il y a trèèèè& [..] View

Unicornalia dialy quests

10:04 pm, November 14, 2015 Hello I would like to know how to start a Unicornalia daily quests to get special currency to buy unicorn. Which level I have to get ? I'm talking with PRI Quartmaster Mari next to end of Sanctum ent [..] View

Khadluu Ukher - A Guide to the PTW Open World Raid Boss

11:04 pm, October 19, 2015 This is going to be a short guide on the new open world raid boss, Khadluu Ukher. He's substantially easier than the Dendrome weekly raid bosses, and can be done with a well organized raid of 20 playe [..] View

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